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Trade between Spain and the Habsburg Monarchy (1725-1815): Merchant Networks in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. (Merchant Networks)

MERCHANT NETWORKS is a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship (IEF) project funded under the Seventh Framework Programme.

The research project investigates the integration of continental European regions into global exchange processes taking the Habsburg Monarchy’s trade with Spain in the 18th century as example. Therewith, this project contributes to a recent research trend which focuses on the entanglement of so-called “landlocked” European territories into maritime long-distance trade having been blinded out so far. This has a specific relevance with regard to the Habsburg Monarchy.

Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Research objectives:

  • Merchants and their networks at and between the four ports (Trieste, Livorno, Barcelona, Cadiz)
  • Trans-imperial and trans-national networks, with particular interest in Tuscan, Milanese and Flemish merchants.
  • Connections between merchants and state institutions: diplomacy and lobbying. Networks capacity to influence on political decision making.
  • Connections between merchants and the inner economy. It will be explored what kind of connections existed between traders, agricultural and proto-industrial capital.

This IEF Marie Curie Fellowship is entirely developed at Pablo de Olavide University, so specific objectives are in line with general objective of the project. Therefore, the stay at the UPO will be used to widen the experienced researcher's knowledge in European and Latin American economic, social and political history, particularly regarding trade, products and diplomacy with a spatial focus on Spain, the connection with its Latin American colonies and the Italian Mediterranean.

The project’s results will be published in the form of a book, the manuscript of which will be drafted over the course of the two years in tight connection with archival research.

The fellowship will contribute to the understanding of early modern European economic and social history and will augment the knowledge of European and European-American integration processes in the pre-industrial period.


Code PAIDI: HUM680

Klemens Kaps. Marie Curie Fellow. 

Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Budget of Andalusian group: € 176.053,20

Pablo de Olavide University (Spain)

The project is developed by the postdoctoral researcher Klemens Kaps, under the supervision of Prof. Manuel Herrero.

Keywords: Habsburg, monarchy, spain, merchant networks
Duration: 24 months. February, 1th 2013 to January, 31th 2015
Project cost: € 176.053,20