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Gender and Citizenship. (GENDERCIT)

GENDERCIT is a Marie Curie's International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES) project funded under the European Seventh Framework Programme. 

The overall aim of the GENDERCIT project is to create a permanent interdisciplinary research and training network and to promote a mutual and beneficial transfer of knowledge between European (Spain, Portugal, Italy and France) and Latin American (Argentina and Mexico) Universities in the field of Gender Studies, in order to enrich the theoretical framework, to set up new research projects and to consolidate the institutional dimension of the existing research and training programs (Masters, Doctoral Studies, Summer Schools), having gender as focus. The aim will be reached through the exchange of experienced and early-stage researchers, the organisation of Workshops, a Summer School and a final Conference, as well as the production of significant scientific publications in the field of Gender Studies.

Universidad Pablo de Olavide

The project focuses Gender issues combined with Citizenship, the crucial concept around which turn both the "rights" and the "participation" processes. Rights (civic, social as well as political rights) need to be understood in the context of gender relations and divisions of labour. Participation in decision-making or "agency" in social, economic, cultural and political life provides a dynamic and active form of rights in which people work together to improve their condition. The following Gender and Citizenship themes, which deal at the same time with social vulnerability, agency and policies, will be developed in the project's research and training activities:

  • Citizenship and political participation
  • Gender Violence
  • Education and empowerment
  • Gendered Migratory movements



UPO as lead partner will cover different aspects of the project:

  • The overall coordination of the exchange program, the research tasks and the training activities.
    The scientific, technical, financial and administrative management of the project.
  • The coordination of the communication between the partners, and the preparation of the reports to the Commission.
  • UPO is in charge of the general supervision of secondments.
  • The coordination of the dissemination plan.



  • Mobility report prepared by each researcher after each mobility experience
  • PIRTNetGS Network Web-page
  • Summer School preparation papers
  • Summer School papers
  • Summer School report
  • Events reports
  • Conference papers
  • Policy Recommendations
  • Publications



The project will contribute to the attractiveness of Europe for non-European researchers thanks to the development of a more broad perspective in Gender issues. Moreover, the project will formalize a permanent and sustainable Research and Training Network on Gender Issues.


Code PAIDI: SEJ468

María del Carmen Monreal Gimeno.  

Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Budget of Andalusian group: € 245,109.70

  1. Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville (Sp) (coordinator)
  2. University of Florence (It)
  3. University of Paris 8 (Fr)
  4. University of Lisbon (Pt)
  5. University of Cuyo, Mendoza (Ar)
  6. University of Salta (Ar)
  7. El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (Mx)
  8. Centro UNESCO de Ceuta (Sp)


Keywords: Citizenship, Gender Violence, Education, Gendered Migratory movements
Duration: 36 months. February, 1th 2013 to January, 31th 2017
Project cost: € 606,900.00