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Accelerating photoredox catalysis in continuous-flow systems. (Photo4Future)

The Photo4Future Innovative Training Network establishes a training network with five beneficiaries from academia and three beneficiaries from industry to tackle the challenges associated with photochemistry in a coherent and comprehensive fashion. In total 10 Early Stage Researchers will be recruited within the Photo4Future network. The network will provide them with opportunities to undertake research with the aim to overcome the current limitations towards the applicability and scalability of photochemical transformations. This will be achieved through a rational design of novel photocatalytic methodologies, improved catalytic systems and innovative photoreactors. Furthermore, the ESRs will be trained in the Photo4Future graduate school, covering training in scientific, personal and complementary skills.

Universidad de Córdoba

Development of novel photocatalytic methodologies relevant for the pharmaceutical and fine-chemical industry. The chosen targets are all recognized as particularly challenging.
The heterogeneous photocatalysts will be evaluated in the reactions developed by the other partners and will be immobilized in microchannels and millireactors. Their efficiency will be also studied by in-situ spectroscopical tools.

Mechanochemical preparation of advanced nanophotocatalysts. Objectives: Preparation of well-defined nanophotocatalyst by means of ball-milling.

New and improved procedures for the preparation of nanophotocatalysts (at least 2 optimum systems) from biomass resources.

Structural training of scientists at doctoral level.
Better education of future generation of scientists on photochemical processes through an interdisciplinary approach by a network of dynamic experts from academia and industry.
Enhancing public-private sector collaborations in terms of research training, including training on the job. - Bridge the gap between the worlds of education and work. ( langId=en&catId=958) - Familiarity with photochemical processes. Open source publications or protected by patents/patent applications. - Fast exploitation of the results in the network to give a boost to the European pharmaceutical and fine-chemical industry.

Nanoquímica y Valorización de Biomasa y Residuos (NANOQBIORES)

Code PAIDI: FQM-383


Universidad de Córdoba

Budget of Andalusian group: € 247,873

Keywords: Photochemistry, Organic chemistry, Chemical engineering, technical chemistry, Flow Chemistry
Duration: January, 1th 2015 to December, 31th 2018
Project cost: € 2,289,077