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Advanced Electron Microscopy techniques applied to catalytic materials for energy generation with very low environmental impact. (ADMIENV)

People Programme in the FP7

Universidad de Cádiz

The aim of the project is to use transmission electron microscopy and electron tomography to characterize changes in the structure and the morphology under reaction conditions of gold based catalysts supported on cerium-related mixed oxides and to relate these changes with the catalytic activity of these systems.

The University of Cadiz is the only participant of this Project, so the contribution is 100%.

Results have been sent to a conference and there is an article in preparation.

The catalysts have been prepared and their particle size have been studied by electron microscopy.


Code PAIDI: FQM 334

Ana Belén Hungría. Coordinador. 

Universidad de Cádiz

Budget of Andalusian group: € 45,000.00

Keywords: Nanomaterials,Electron Microscopy
Duration: April, 16th 2009 to April, 15th 2011
Project cost: € 45,000.00