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Beyond Xylella, Integrated Management Strategies for Mitigating Xylella fastidiosa impact in Europe . (BEXYL)

BeXyl is an EU-funded research project aiming to secure and exploit the research outcomes achieved by advancing and transferring into practice the most promising prevention and containment strategies. BeXyl means "Beyond Xylella". That suggests the time is ripe to move away from emergency mode to more sophisticated management strategies against Xylella fastidiosa current outbreaks and prevent new introductions in Europe.

Universidad de Córdoba

BeXyl stands for 'Beyond Xylella' and means integrating different scientific approaches to propose and test practical solutions to manage Xylella fastidiosa outbreaks in the EU.

Co-Leader of Work Package 5. Active participation in the use of entomopathogenic fungi to manage Xylella fastidiosa vector populations and/or to alter Xylella fastidiosa transmission though entomopathogenic fungi direct infection or via endophytic colonization of the host plants.


Code PAIDI: AGR-163

Enrique Quesada Moraga. Partner. 

Universidad de Córdoba

Budget of Andalusian group: € 325,797.00

Keywords: Integrated pest management, Biological control, Plant diseases, Tree health, Plant protection
Duration: 48 months. September, 1th 2022 to August, 31th 2026
Project cost: € 8,011,563.00