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Biodiversity and ecosystem services variability across the El Niño gradient in the Peruvian and Brazilian forests. (BESTROPS)

The main goal of the project BRESTROPS is to investigate the changes in biodiversity and ecosystem services, promote a fair distribution of resources, and preserve the Natural Capital in rural communities of tropical forests. Combining experimental and modelling approaches, it will study plant and soil biodiversity and ecosystem services across an elevation and climate gradient in the main area of largest impact of ENSO (Dryland coast, the Andes mountains, and the Amazonian rainforest). The main outcome of BESTROPS is to provide new open knowledge on the cultural and social dimension of tropical ecosystems, and insight in policy making without risking the natural capital under the forecasted climate change scenarios.

Universidad de Córdoba
  • To analyze plant biodiversity (taxonomic and functional) across a climate and elevation gradient in agroforest areas (WP 2).
  • To generate a database of soil biodiversity in agroforestry systems as indicators of soil functioning (WP 3).
  • To study the potential impacts of climate change, specifically ENSO, under IPCC projected RCP (representative concentration pathways) scenarios on species distribution & biodiversity (WP 4).
  • To evaluate, the supply and demand of ES in the present and future scenarios and its relationship with plant and soil biodiversity. Assessing the ES trade-offs and identify best-practices and policies for landscape management (WP 5).
  • Strengthen the participation of local actors in consultative or deliberative spaces to access and use of biodiversity and ES information and knowledge (WP 6).

Project coordination and management (WP1)

  • General administrative and financial management
  • Scientific management and monitoring
  • Design and Implementation of Mid-term / Final assessment Meetings
  • Deliverable tracking, reporting and publication


Ecología Terrestre

Code PAIDI: RNM-232

José Luis Quero Pérez. Coordinador. 

Universidad de Córdoba

Budget of Andalusian group: € 181,500.00

Keywords: biodiversity, climate variability, pulse dynamics, ecosystem services, rural community, soil microorganism
Duration: 36 months. June, 1th 2023 to May, 31th 2026
Project cost: € 833,368.25