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Bringing Organisations and Network Development to higher levels in the farming sector in Europe. (BOND)

Project ‘BOND' is centred on the implementation of reaching higher levels of organisation and networking, and develop a healthier, more productive, and more harmonious farming sector in Europe for the long term.
The ultimate goal is to build strong organisations and create stronger networks between farmers, between farmers organisations, and for them with policy makers, researchers, and others relevant to the networking and cooperation toward the goals: collective action for increased synergies and collaboration. Through these new bonds, and through the tools and resources developed over the three years of the project, it can promote lasting change for the good of the farming sector and ultimately for everyone who relies on it for daily nourishment across Europe

Universidad de Córdoba

Reach higher levels of organisation and networking, and develop a healthier, and more productive and harmonious farming sector in Europe for the long term.
SO1: Draw up solutions and build bonding capital within farmer and land manager groups, ensuring cohesiveness and trust among people
SO2: Enable different organizations to come closer together, building bridging capital to form larger networks
(value chains, cooperatives, apex bodies), understanding attitudes, weaknesses and constraints that impede collective action.
SO3: Build linking capital, developing ties with entities with different interests and powers, including
government, donors, academia, private sector, to reach a stronger position in decision-making
SO4: Engage multi actors and policy makers.
Design and deploy an Engagement and Dissemination

1. Organize an interregional forum with the representatives, other key actors (academia, private sector, decision-makers, CSOs etc.) and project partners and undertake the initial Training of Trainers (TOT) for 20 trainers. The 4-day TOT will develop the capacities of participants in the different topics, and will provide a basis for future processes of change within their own organizations. Participants will commit to concrete actions to be undertaken in their organizations once they have completed the TOT.
2. Identify the attitudes, weaknesses, disincentives and constraints that limit the development o collective and networking activities, in the selected countries, in different sectors, and to propose ways to overcome them, co-developing and implementing tailored capacity building to develop effective groups and help them engage in larger networks.

- Interregional forum
- Training of trainers on farmer organizations performance, equity and governance
- Participatory methodology to create bonding and bridging within the groups developed

• 60 farmer and land manager leaders having seen case studies;
• at least 240 able to build/develop own org and train locally
• 20 Multi-actor action plans;
• Series of agreements including 8 finalised MOUs;
• Access to a user-friendly portal connected to the EIP-AGRI
• Farmer organizations in Moldova strengthened and as
• 1 film on fostering social capital
• Radio/TV events
• 6 publications
• 1 Youth Forum with a road map
for the future

Instituto de Sociología y Estudios Campesinos


Universidad de Córdoba

Budget of Andalusian group: € 142.500 euros

Keywords: Social capital, collective action, farmers, land managers, organisations, cooperatives, networks, environment, agriculture, farming, sustainability, best practice, bonding, bridging, linking, policy
Duration: 36 months. November, 1th 2017 to October, 30th 2020
Project cost: € 2.890.691,25 eu