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Connecting the cereal value chain and creating sustainable certification for carbon neutral production in Europe . (LIFE Innocereal EU)

This project creates an ecosystem throughout the entire cereal production chain, demonstrating sustainability and competitiveness in all production stages of the flour, malting and baking industries focused on reaching the high sustainable standards of the market.
In the primary sector, the implementation of best agricultural practices (BAP) in different climatic zones and the use of innovative technologies (i.e. precision agriculture, warning systems, NIR technology) among farmers will aim to increase productivity with greater efficiency in the use of nutrients, herbicides and fertilizers and mitigating carbon farming practices (i.e higher carbon sequestration in the soil and lower GHG emissions). In the processing industry, standardized model contracts will be created between the different sectors to ensure a consistent supply to the European market of cereal products that comply with food security standards.
As a result, a low-carbon emission cereals certification system will be created together with a sustainability label "Innocereal EU" that will identify sustainable produced bread, pasta, malt, and beer in the market. All in all, LIFE Innocereal EU breaks through the entire food chain towards digital and sustainable production, mitigating GHGs, ensuring careful traceability and a balanced distribution of wealth.

Universidad de Córdoba

1. Connecting all links in the cereal value chain by promoting environmental quality labelling that provides greater added value to the final product (bread, pasta and beer).
2. Improve the sustainability of cereal production by implementing BAP and digital agriculture to improve farm management and reduce GHG emissions.

University of Cordoba is involved in all the activities being carried out in the work packages of the project, leading work packages 1 and 3:

WP1. Coordination and project management
WP 2. Selection of BAP for cereals in the EU.
WP 3. Implementation of sustainable practices
WP 4. Monitoring and impact assessment - KPIs
WP 5. Sustainability, replication and valorisation of the project results.
WP 6. Communication, dissemination of results & networking


Code PAIDI: AGR-126

Emilio Jesús González Sánchez . Coordinador. 

Universidad de Córdoba

Budget of Andalusian group: € 604283.00

Keywords: precision agriculture, sustainable certification label, soil health, GHG reduction, carbon farming, Carbon sequestration, digital agriculture, value chain, carbon mitigation
Duration: 48 months. July, 1th 2022 to June, 30th 2026
Project cost: € 3057002.83