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Europe 2038-Voice of the youth. (EU2038)

How will Europe look like in 2038? What visions do young citizens of today have for a future Europe? What are their answers of today's major societal challenges like ageing, financial crisis, clean energy, mobility/migration, freedom and security? Which measures do young citizens suggest to overcome terrorism and violence, inequalities and social exclusion, prejudice and discrimination?

The present project seeks to answer these urgent questions and to find ways to create a common understanding of the European Union as well as to contribute to a common Union's history.

Universidad de Córdoba

1) Collect the opinions of young European citizens about their worries and ideas about Europe in a pan-European survey. Encourage the participation of ethnic, religious and cultural minority young men and women who face various forms of discrimination and are marginalized in many European countries.

2) Organize a series of national and international events in several European countries for empower and strengthen multipliers to actively engage against violence, social exclusion, and discrimination.

3) Formulate a pan-European declaration, including the perspectives of the young citizens, the professionals and volunteers.

1) Develop sub-sections of the pan-European survey and translate the final survey into the Spanish.
2) Program the national survey online according to commonly agreed procedures.
3) Carry out national data collections according to a commonly agreed sampling procedure.
4) Assure a minimum of 250 youth to participate in the survey.
5) Set up of social media tools to communicate with youth and multipliers during the entire project.
6) Organize at least one event including national multipliers (teachers, youth and social workers, volunteers) on commonly agreed dates and invite a national EU representative.
7) Advertise the project and the national events in national and local media.
8) Analyze the survey data and prepare a national report which will be communicated to multipliers.
9) Nominate a minimum of three national delegates to present the declaration "Europe 2038" at the EU.

The project is designed with a social perspective, to contribute to the society and to their knowledge; thus it consider 3 large levels: first, the youth, who takes the floor to express their concerns; second, the adults who work directly with young people, as they must be aware of their needs and concerns; and third, the authorities and European governments, who should be aware of the real problems of today's youth and tomorrow's citizens.

In all, different formats of deliverables are foreseen:
- Reports on the Spanish Youth Voice from pan-European survey.
- National events with multipliers. All events will be communicated in national and international media to foster social cohesion and future commitment of the young citizens towards the European Union.
- The "Europe 2038" European Declaration. The Declaration "Europe 2038" will be presented to EU representatives, including the President of the European Parliament.

The project expects, in the short and long term, to bring the European Union closer to the daily lives of youth and young adults. It is expected that the project will foster the sense of Union citizenship and the democratic participation of a minimum of 2000 young people living in seven European countries, encouraging them to think about social challenges and participate in the developments on EU level.

It is expected, also, to empower a minimum of 200-400 multipliers living in seven European countries to foster civic participation among the young people the regularly work with. The activities and events organize by these multipliers and the teams responsible for the project in the seven countries will be communicated via social and traditional media to the national public, so reach a great level of dissemination is another estimated effect.
Have an impact on the scientific community is an important impact aim to be reached, through the communication of the results the by the researchers during international scientific conferences and via scientific publications

Finally, the project pretends to have impact on the Union policy too. The declaration "Europe 2038" will be presented in several relevant European institutions and national EU representatives will be invited to participate in the events organized for the multipliers.


Code PAIDI: HUM-298

Rosario Ortega Ruiz / Carmen Viejo Almanzor. Partner. 

Universidad de Córdoba

Budget of Andalusian group: € 19.000,00

Keywords: Europe, young citizens, future
Duration: January, 1th 2016 to June, 30th 2017
Project cost: € 150.000,00