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Food in the Spanish and British Caribbean in the Nineteenth Century: Encounters, Exchanges, Identities. (Imperial Recipes)

This project aims to compare the British and Spanish empires in the nineteenth-century Caribbean. More specifically, it focuses on the discourse on food in the British and Spanish colonies. The aim is both to find a connection between the ways in which food and diet were perceived and discussed in the British and Spanish Caribbean colonies and to evaluate the differences in the discourse on food in the two empires, with the objective of analyzing colonial identities and imperial ideology in the Caribbean through the lens of food.


Universidad Pablo de Olavide

To deal with the history of food in European empires and perceptions, ideas and encounters of local, British, Spanish and American food and the role of these dietary contacts in shaping the colonists' food culture.

Moreover, it is focused on how food is seen as part of the imperial discourse and on how food builds a community of belonging.

Other objective is to investigate the role played by empires in proposing (or imposing) a specific diet and a certain body shape and why British, Spanish and American strived to recommend some acceptable type of body shape as opposed to other unacceptable bodies. In connection with it, it will be investigated the existence of some specific stereotypes depending on the different national or ethnic origins connected with food.

The secondment at Universidad Pablo de Olavide will help the fellow to develop adequate skills and qualifications to be better prepared for the job market. This MSCA project will contribute to establishing the fellow as a cultural historian, with also a focus on contemporary European challenges related to migrations and
the idea of Europe itself.

Preparation and submission of a proposal for a monograph

Submission of a peer-­reviewed article

Submission of a proposal for an edited volume

Imperial Recipes sheds light on connections that have usually been completely neglected by historiography so far, i.e. the role of food in building a sense of Europe, the relationships that Europe aims to establish with migrants.

This could lead to an increased need for historians of food, able to provide background for medical studies as well. The results of this project could easily be transferred to a wider number of problems related to our contemporary era, and therefore they deserve attention for the future of Europe itself.


Estudios sobre Europa el mundo mediterráneo y su difusión atlántica

Code PAIDI: HUM680

Bartolomé Yun Casalillas.

Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Budget of Andalusian group: € 170,122.00

Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO)

Keywords: Food, Identity, British empire, Spanish empire, Caribbean
Duration: 24 months. June, 1th 2015 to May, 31th 2017
Project cost: € 170,122.00