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Green Enantioselective Halogenation for Drug Discovery and Manufacture. (GreenX4Drug)

The aim of this project is to bring together subject matter experts from the academic and non-academic sectors to develop and exemplify the use of new catalysts and new green reactions to manufacture important halogenated compounds that could be used in drug discovery and drug production. In order to achieve this objective the proposal brings together 3 partners with complementary skills:
- University of Naples (UNINA): expertise in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery.
- KelAda Pharmachem: expertise in green chemistry, chemical batch process development and scale-up.
- University of Cordoba (UCO): expertise in process engineering of continuous flow processes.

Universidad de Córdoba

- Objective 1: Development of new, efficient "green" organocatalysts.
- Objective 2: Exemplification of utility these catalysts to create a halogenation platform.
- Objective 3: Synthesis (using halogenation platform) and testing of drug candidates.
- Objective 4: Scale-up of syntheses of key compounds in order to demonstrate industrial viability.

WP4: Development of continuous flow variants and scale up.

- D4.1. Flow and batch cond to 2, 55, 103,113.
- D4.3. Publication of results from WP4.

The project GreenX4Drug has been designed to enable the maximum impact on immediate and long-term career prospects of the researchers - whether they pursue career paths in academia or the private sector or indeed if they decide to become entrepreneurs. It does so through a coherent blend of (i) inter- and multidisciplinary research and knowledge exchange achieved through international secondment with (ii) formal training in transferrable skills and competences.Through its inter-national (Italy, Ireland, Spain), inter-sectoral (industry/academia) and inter-/multidisciplinary strands (i.e. chemistry, biology, engineering) GreenX4Drug will help develop and add to the pool of researchers and innovators who internationally focused and equally "at home" in the commercial or academic realms. 

This consortium will have a significantly beneficial impact upon the culture of research in both the academic and non-academic partner organisations and will underscore the advantages of a more collaborative innovative approach to undertake and exploit research activities - an approach which avoids researchers from each sector working in a disciplinary or sectoral silo, but rather facilitates collaborative working taking the best practices from public and private sector in order to develop skills which are transferable.

Nanoquímica y Valorización de Biomasa y Residuos (NANOQBIORES)

Code PAIDI: FQM-383

Rafael Luque Álvarez de Sotomayor . Partner. 

Universidad de Córdoba

Budget of Andalusian group: € 276,000.00

Keywords: Organocatalysis, Halogenation, Green Chemistry, Continuous flow
Duration: 48 months. April, 1th 2019 to March, 31th 2023
Project cost: € 607,200.00