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HUB Iberia Agrotech: Creation of a regional ecosystem for agrodigitalisation through the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH). (HIBA)

HIBA aims to promote a Pluriregional Agrodigitalization ecosystem through the creation of a Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) network that encourages business initiative, competitiveness, and sustainability, promoting post-Covid19 economic reactivation.

The Iberia Network will facilitate and/or drive digitalization, focusing on:

• Deployment and offering of technological services.
• Development of training and entrepreneurship programs for different levels of users and business needs.
• Creation of innovative technology experimentation environments for their adaptation and adoption in the business environment.
• Promotion of spaces for dialogue and co-creation to share priorities and lines of work.

Universidad de Córdoba

Improving and streamlining the channeling of knowledge generation and technological transfer towards productive sectors and business development in agriculture will enhance their competitiveness and wealth creation.

The University of Córdoba has worked on all project activities, leading and coordinating in particular activity 3 of the project: "Development of Training Capacities and Experimentation Environments for Digital Business Innovation." This activity aims to provide companies with different services that allow them to initiate and/or accelerate their digitalization process. Specifically, the focus will be on: (a) training in digital skills for different levels of education and user profiles; and (b) the ability to test innovations and experiment with technologies to promote entrepreneurship and improve processes and decision-making of agri-food companies in the pluriregional cooperation area.


Code PAIDI: AGR-124

Francisco Javier Mesas Carrascosa. Partner. 

Universidad de Córdoba

Budget of Andalusian group: € 1164868.91

Duration: 24 months. July, 20th 2021 to June, 30th 2023
Project cost: € 5281537.72