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Hyphenating SUPRAS and LC-MS-MS for high throughput universal testing of banned substances in urine. (SUPRAS-RAM)

Prohibited substances in sports encompass a large number of chemicals covering a wide range of structures and polarities, which makes it difficult their efficient simultaneous extraction from biological fluids. On the other hand, LC-MS/MS, suitable for detecting and quantifying a large number of compounds, is prone to matrix effects that cause analyte ionization suppression or enhancement, which often compromises sensitivity and selectivity and consequently the accuracy of its application. As a result, sample extraction and clean-up for anti-doping testing usually involves extensive and time-consuming matrix-dependent protocols that are only applicable to a reduced number of structurally related chemicals.

This project aims to develop a high throughput matrix- and compound-independent platform for the reliable detection and quantification of the most commonly abused substances detected in urine in anti-doping testing. The approach will be based on the combination of the capability of supramolecular solvents (SUPRASs) to efficiently extract compounds in a wide polarity range and integrate sample extraction and cleanup with the power of LC-(quadrupole-linear ion trap (Q-LIT)MS/MS for compound identification and quantitation.


Universidad de Córdoba

The final goal is to provide WADA-accredited labs with a universal, fast and reliable approach for the high-throughput assessment of prohibited substances in urine.

The developed methods will be validated according to the FDA criteria taking into account the MRPL values required by WADA. Automation of sample treatment will be carried out with modular systems commercially available for conventional liquid-liquid extraction. Guidelines will be given for the implementation of the LC-(Q-LIT)MS/MS platform in WADA-accredited labs.

Química Analítica Fina y Ambiental

Code PAIDI: FQM-186

Soledad Rubio Bravo. Coordinator. 

Universidad de Córdoba

Budget of Andalusian group: € 172,993.54

Duration: 36 months. October, 1th 2019 to September, 30th 2022
Project cost: € 172,993.54