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Innovative and sustainable intensification of integrated food and non-food systems to develop climate-resilient agro-ecosystems in Europe and beyond. (SustainFARM)

SustainFARM will investigate the economic and environmental performance of the range of locally relevant IFNS across several agri-climatic zones of Europe and design innovative IFNS systems, which are resilient and climate-smart.

To improve the cost-effectiveness, different means of valorising the residual and co-products (woody components and residual wet olive cake etc.) and for multiple uses (bedding material, compost, bioenergy etc.), will be demonstrated at two SME facilities in UK and Italy and the knowledge generated will be shared through the stakeholder platforms.

Value chains and life cycle analysis of the new bio-products (torrified pellets, bio-energy and food supplements etc.) will be carried out to assess the environmental footprint of the valorization processes.


Universidad de Córdoba

The specific objectives are to:
a) assess resource use efficiency and design innovative and cost-effective IFNS for optimum productivity
b) develop sustainability metrics to assess agronomic productivity and environmental performance
c) valorization of the woody components, residual waste and co-products into high value bio-energy carriers and bio-products.

- Traditional agroforestry sites
- Development of new products and value chain analysis
- Links to stakeholders in the supply chain
- Trade off analysis
- Network of study sites
- Dissemination

The expected results are:

a) On-farm piloting of productivity in 5 locally relevant innovative integrated systems.
b) Innovative technical pathways for maximum value addition of woody components and residual waste and coproducts.
c) Decision support tool for environmental and socio-economic evaluation of integrated systems for informed decision making by farmers, advisory services and policy makers.



Code PAIDI: AGR-119

Elías Fereres Castiel . Partner. 

Universidad de Córdoba

Budget of Andalusian group: € 75,000.00

Duration: 36 months. March, 1th 2016 to February, 28th 2019
Project cost: € 1,985,000.00