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LEAP-RE seeks to create a long-term partnership of African and European stakeholders in the field of renewable energy. Within 5 years, LEAP-RE will support collaborative research and innovation projects, as well as develop renewable energy related innovations directly as part of the project. LEAP-RE is based on the expertise of 83 organisations on both continents and from all sectors: government, research and academia, private sector and civil society. Together, they will share knowledge and methods to effectively contribute to fighting climate change while enabling access to clean energy for all.

Universidad de Córdoba

1. Demonstrate efficiency of LEAP-RE programme and create conditions for long-term partnership.
2. Demonstrate efficiency and attractiveness of joint programming and joint calls.
3. Mobilise the relevant AU & EU knowledge communities and other stakeholders to address key RE challenges for AU-EU.
4. Contribute to the production of new knowledge, innovations, technology, products, and/or services in RE topics of strategic relevance to AU-EU collaboration.
5. Accelerate the inclusive transition to reliable and affordable renewable energy.

The University of Cordoba participates in WP 10: Productive Use in Rural African Markets using Standalone Solar.

1. Creation of long-lasting R&D cooperation through common understanding and trust between MSs/ACs and African stakeholders and its related mechanisms, that will be able to continue after the project.

2. Contribution to the development of local vibrant research and industrial frameworks, boosting in particular African innovation capacity and significantly improve African stakeholders' ability to be included in research and collaboration future networks, improving local innovation capacity.

3. A strong contribution to the fast development and market introduction of sustainable renewable energy solutions in the African continent.

Química Física

Code PAIDI: FQM-204

Gustavo de Miguel Rojas. Partner. 

Universidad de Córdoba

Budget of Andalusian group: € 114,375

Keywords: Africa, Europe, H2020, RIA
Duration: 63 months. October, 1th 2020 to December, 31th 2025
Project cost: € 14,952,219.00