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SuWaNu Europe

Network for effective knowledge transfer on safe and economic wastewater reuse in agriculture in Europe. (SuWaNu Europe)

SuWaNu Europe is an EU funded projected focused on the use of reclaimed water for irrigation in agriculture. The reason behind is that wastewater when treated according to appropriate standards and methods has a strong potential to complement conventional water resources used in agricultural irrigation. The aim of the project is to promote the effective exchange of knowledge, experiences and skills between practitioners and relevant actors of water reuse in agriculture. For that reason, SUWANU EUROPE will create Regional Working Groups between consortium members and relevant actors in 8 target regions that will work to spread the project findings.

Reclaimed water has a strong potential for complementing conventional water resources. According to the European Commission communication "Closing the loop - An EU action plan for the Circular Economy" (COM(2015)0614): "in addition to water-efficiency measures, the reuse of treated wastewater in safe and cost-effective conditions is a valuable but under-used means of increasing water supply and alleviating pressure on over-exploited water resources in the EU". Water reuse is especially relevant in agriculture as this is one of the main water consumers, having additional benefits for farmers: lower cost compared to other solutions (e.g. desalination), reliability of supply regardless of season, climatic conditions and associated water restrictions, and nutrients contribution of the treated wastewater that can supplement or replace conventional fertilizers.

SuWaNu Europe is intended to bridge the current innovation gaps and achieve an effective implementation of reuse solutions in agriculture. SuWaNu Europe will extend the geographical coverage of its predecessor and will summarize, share and present existing and upcoming knowledge and skills in the field of water reuse in agriculture to the relevant stakeholders such as farmers and farming advisory groups. SuWaNu Europe will also create regional working groups for the development of action plans. These action plans will set strategies at regional level with the objective of boosting innovation in the agricultural and water sectors, improving best practice development and identifying the most appropriate channels to reach stakeholders. In addition to this, dissemination and training will create the capacity and competencies needed to implement these results.

Universidad de Córdoba

- To identify and extract existing practical knowledge from projects, networks, success stories and research results with potential application for practitioners, e.g. farmers, agricultural advisory groups, water engineers and operators, etc.
- To set the basis in a participatory and evidencebased process for the development of implementation strategies in 8 target regions.
- To develop strategies and recommendations to pave the way for the implementation of water reuse solutions.
- To create regional networks that combine efforts within and outside the consortium to support implementation and uptake of organizational and technological solutions.
-To develop, summarize and structure practical knowledge for practitioners in a way that it is easy to understand.
-To increase the capacities of practitioners and other stakeholders in water reuse for irrigation.
- To strengthen the links between water and farming sectors in order to find synergies for water reuse in agriculture.
- To create synergies between Regional Working Groups, operational groups and national and international networks (EIP-Agri, ERIAFF, ERRIN, EUFRAS, WIRE, WssTP, etc.), practitioners, supporting the implementation of water reuse.

Task 1.1 State of play analysis of target regions
Task 2.1: SWOT and PEST analyses for water reuse implementation
Task 3.6: Development of policy briefs to foster water reuse

D1.1: Regional state of play Analyses
D2.1: Report on SWOT and PEST analyses for implementation of reuse practices
D3.6: Policy briefs to Foster water reuse in Europe

- Collect and distribute easily accessible practice-oriented knowledge.
- Integrate actors at regional level.
- Give an added value to water.
- Contribute to the sustainability of the agricultural sector.
- Reduce pressure on water bodies.
- Overcome several frameworks conditions including barriers and obstacles.

Water, Environmental and Agricultural Resources Economics (WEARE)

Code PAIDI: SEJ-592

Julio Berbel Vecino . Partner. 

Universidad de Córdoba

Budget of Andalusian group: € 100,257.50

Keywords: water resue agriculture, circular economy, rural developement, sustainable water management, practicioners, multi-actor approach, networking
Duration: 30 months. January, 1th 2019 to June, 30th 2021
Project cost: € 1,999,926.25