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RED transfronteriza para el desarrollo de productos innovadores con microALGAs. (ALGARED+)

This project aims to:
- Promote scientific excellence in the Andalusia-Algarve transboundary cooperation area in the field of Microalgae biotechnology, through the creation of a transnational network of Universities, centers of R+D+i, technologists centers and companies dedicated to research, production and exploration of microalgae biomass, enhancing its international competitiveness.
- Stimulate the mobility of researchers and technicians between R & D centers and companies on both sides of the border.
- Enhance the transfer of know-how generated to companies to the incipient sector of biotechnology of microalgae.
- Collect the needs of the business sector to promote projects.

Universidad de Córdoba

- Promote scientific excellence in the field of microalgae biotechnology in the cross-border area
- Promote joint cross-border investigation Universities / companies / technology centers in the area of microalgae
- Promote the transfer of know-how and the technology generated for the companies of the sector of the biotechnology demicroalgas of Andalusia and Algarve.

Understanding and optimizing the key metabolic pathways involved in the assimilation of nutrients, production of bioenergy and the synthesis of compounds of interest for microalgae and the development of new applications for aquaculture based on microalgae.

Activity 3:
E3.1 - Genes involved in the regulation and assimilation of nitrogen and phosphorus in microalgae under different growing conditions
E3.2 - Lipid profile of haptophytic microalgae Isochrysis and Diacronema in crops with high N/P ratio

ALGARED+ will strengthen the cross-border R+D+i system in an emerging sector with great potential, microalgae biotechnology. The creation of the network will increase the critical mass of the research centers, which will allow them to generate better research results that will be disseminated in better publications. Furthermore, the mobility of researchers will make it possible to better optimize the resources and infrastructures of each center, allowing the joint use of specific infrastructures. The transfer of results to the business sector will increase the innovative nature of companies, thus strengthening the microalgae biotechnology business fabric and promoting the creation of qualified jobs.

Biología molecular de la asimilación de nitrato en algas

Code PAIDI: BIO-128

Emilio Fernández Reyes . Partner. 

Universidad de Córdoba

Budget of Andalusian group: € 191,302.40

Duration: 62 months. October, 1th 2015 to November, 30th 2020
Project cost: € 2,230,497.12