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To improve Irrigation Water Productivity (IWP) in water-stressed watersheds, by developing and validating an Information-Decision Support System (REDSIM-IS) based on Remote sensing (RS) information and simplified water balance and crop models to assist growers in implementing and managing efficiently deficit irrigation (DI) techniques.

Universidad de Córdoba

The most relevant result to be expected from REDSIM is a wider adoption of good irrigation management practices (through the REDSIM information system) and environmentally sound irrigation strategies (Deficit irrigation). It is worth noting that the positive impact of REDSIM on water productivity will be obtained at a very low cost, as far as the basic information (remote sensing data, ground weather station) are freely provided by regional (IMIDA), national (AEMET) or international (NASA, ESRIN, ESA) organisations.

Testing the different irrigation scheduling programs in the pilot farms that would serve as tests for demonstration, and for developing specific practical recommendations for farmers in the different irrigation districts who may be interested in implementing advanced irrigation practices, including DI.


Maps describing the spatial distribution of crop yield, water consumption and water productivity.
Yield, quality and water productivity assessment at the farm level.

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Code PAIDI: AGR-119

Elías Fereres Castiel. Socio. 

Universidad de Córdoba

Budget of Andalusian group: € 81,688.00

  • Universidad de Córdoba
Duration: 15 months. January, 1th 2011 to March, 31th 2012
Project cost: € 727,249.00