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Resilient landscapes facing large forest fires: emergency response, improvement of interoperability, and operational and social training in the face of climate change . (FIREPOCTEP+)

This Project is focused on the Spanish-Portuguese cooperation for the management of extreme wildfire events. The main activities are aimed at mitigating fire impacts on ecosystem services (tangible assets, environmental services, and landscape goods) and global warning. According to the budget limitations, technical efforts should be directed towards specific areas, known as Strategic Management Zones or Potential Control Locations. This idea of concentrate efforts on fire management is underlined by the existence of a new legislation (2022) in forest fires. Furthermore, the project is supported by a previous project (known as "FIREPOCTEP (0756_FIREPOCTEP_6_E") using the same pilot site.

Universidad de Córdoba

FIREPOCTEP+ aims to improve climate change adaptation and forest resilience through the implementation of a comprehensive management under ecosystem-based approaches.

Although the main activities of the University of Cordoba (UCO) focus on the first work-package, where it leads three important deliverables:

  • Guide of potential wildfires and operational and management implications using public web support (ArcGIS Online or Google Earth Engine).
  • Good Practices Guide to the creation and design of Potential Control Locations.
  • Dynamic and georeferenced fire risk using the adaptation and test of Fire Weather Index (Visual Danger).

UCO is responsible or collaborative for various activities in the rest of the packages. UCO participates in the monitoring of forest fire behavior, the analysis of normative and legislation and implementation of administrative protocols to find a comprehensive management, the valuation and development of endogenous resources, the design of cost-effective and safe fuelbreaks, and the organization of the second Iberian Workshop about Strategic Management Zones in fire management.


Code PAIDI: AGR-221

Juan Ramón Molina Martínez . Partner. 

Universidad de Córdoba

Budget of Andalusian group: € 119,144.63

Duration: 39 months. October, 10th 2023 to December, 31th 2026
Project cost: € 4,608,367.84