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Toward a CAmel tRAnsnational VAlue chaiN . (CA.RA:VA.N)

Here, we propose an applied project where the foundations for a modern, effective genetic selection scheme in dromedary camels in Algeria are laid down through:
(i) standardization of dairy/meat/fertility traits phenotyping protocols
(ii) evaluation and standardization of camel identification systems
(iii) implementation of standardized animal identification and phenotyping protocols in pilot farms
(iv) establishment of a first genealogical, phenotypic and genotypic database for further valorization through detection of selection signatures, GWAS analysis, and, possibly, modelling of simple and robust embryonic design for genomic selection approaches. Among the expected impacts: increased milk/meat production, higher profit-ability of the camel sector, more structured and enforced breeders associations.

Universidad de Córdoba

The general aim of the project is to put in place a combined and coordinated set of inter-disciplinary measures able to generate knowledge, capacities, and practices contributing to socio-economic development of the dromedary sector and local communities.

- Enforce the Mediterranean Research Area through closer collaboration among North/South and East/West partners within the frame of the Arimnet2 proposal and beyond (WP1 & WP6).
- Increase dromedary work, milk and meat production, and reproductive performances through implementation of a modern organization system for animal identification, genealogy and phenotypic recording, linear assessment of morphological and work functional traits, DNA banking and genotyping (WP3).

- Annual informs and reports.
- General inform and report.
- Guidelines for standardized phenotyping of work, dairy, meat and fertility traits in camels.
- Guidelines for camel identification and parentage systems.
- Document presenting the results of ex-post evaluation and update of the guidelines for camel phenotyping.
- Optimized protocol for cheap DNA isolation suitable for genome-wide analyses.
- Database of phenotypic and genotypic (SNPs) information.
- List of SNPs associated with work, dairy and meat traits.
- Scientific publications.
- E-mailing list as a network in two levels, the first for the coordinator of the project and the WP; and the second with all partner.
- Web Page, implemented as an organ of diffusion of the information with open and restricted section.
- Press articles, TV and radio emission registrations, minutes from Skype calls, statistics from social networks, list of announcements on website of relevant international organizations, list of local or international fails, expositions, events where the project has been illustrated, brochures, posters, banners, etc.
- Proceeding of the international conference in the Canary Island published in Archivo de Zootecnia, copies of scientific publications (abstract, poster, full papers, etc.)

The expected results will be:
- Permanent network of stakeholders.
- Recommendations and guidelines, SOPs.
- Basic system for modern genetic selection at national and transnational level.
- Product and process characterization data.
- Social map of actors along the value chain and SWOT analysis.
- Participative design of future development trajectories.
- Human capacity building (scientific and professional level).
- Impact and innovation potential:
o Improved local products and farming systems best suited to Mediterranean conditions.
o Diversification and increase of farmers' incomes through Access to new markets.
o Implementation of new breeding technologies and technological processes able to increase food security, shelf-life, palatability, product diversification and added value.

Mejora y Conservación De Recursos Genéticos de Animales Domésticos

Code PAIDI: AGR-218

Juan Vicente Delgado Bermejo . Coordinator. 

Universidad de Córdoba

Budget of Andalusian group: € 67,500.00

Keywords: dromedary, genetics, sustainability, value chain, products, farm sistem
Duration: 45 months. September, 1th 2017 to June, 30th 2021
Project cost: € 945,000.00